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Bathtime with Daddy - The Sequel

By Evil Dad (Pedo, Toddler rape, WS, Mild scat)

The much awaited conclusion to my earlier story. If sex with very small children offends you - do not read any further but go take up knitting! For the rest of you...get out the Kleenex!

In the months that followed that fateful night when Dave Pruitt discovered the joys of abusing his cute little 3-year-old daughter, her sex education certainly made rapid strides. She grew used to always being in her handsome young father's bed, used to seeing him naked - and especially used to seeing his big cock erect. He became ever more attentive to her, bathing her, taking her out for the day for trips in his car (during which they spent a lot of time parked in secluded spots, playing 'secret' games) and, every night, she was taken into his bed for 'special games'. Sworn to secrecy and made to feel special for being allowed to play such grown-up games, little Lisa Jane found she enjoyed them more and more. Her mother on the other hand seemed quite oblivious to all of the 'extra attention' her little daughter was getting from her husband - in fact, she was rather pleased to be relieved of the responsibility. So Dave was a doting father? Good, let him get on with it, she reasoned, and let her have a life of her own. Life, in this case, was to do absolutely nothing, eat & drink as much as possible and go out to the local bars with friends and get pissed.

Dave was more than content. Fuck! He now had his very own little sex toy. He loved playing with her - and having her play with him. He would lie naked on his bed for hours, watching the infant as she played with his big cock, moving the thick foreskin up and down the meaty shaft and playing 'peep-o' with the big red knob, just as he had taught her, squealing the whole time. She loved this 'game' and when Dave could hold back no longer - and spurted his thick creamy spunk all over her hand, he pretended that his friend Willie (as he called his dick for her benefit) had spilt the 'special cream' again...'oh dear....what a mess!' he would say, and the little girl would laugh. Gradually, he told her the cream was really magic and she should eat it all up; 'it'll make you grow up quicker Lisa' he'd say, gently stroking her little cunt, as she licked his cock clean. With the innocence of a baby, she always did as she was told - much to Dave's delight.

At night, horny as a dog on heat, he'd lay her down in his bed, naked and soft, and then clamber over her, until his big hairy legs were astride her tiny body - his 9 inch prick throbbing just inches from her cute little face. He'd wank himself, and then dripping with pre-cum and grunting with lust, he'd rub his prick on her mouth, before pushing it in and gently bidding her to 'suck it'. By now, Lisa Jane had grown to accept this behavior and sucked hungrily, making her daddy moan with pleasure.

She soon got used to the smell and taste of her father's cock - and the sticky liquid that came out of it. She happily swallowed her father's sperm and had even learned how to wank his cock, even though her tiny hand could barely reach around its girth. But as the weeks passed, Dave grew more desperate to take matters further.

True, he had often spermed her tiny cunt from the outside - and had licked and tongued her tiny hole while she squirmed with delight. But he wanted more. He wanted to feel his cock inside her tiny cunt, feel the head throb in her warm little vagina and let it flex as it probed her baby womb. Of course - he knew it would probably hurt her, maybe even injure her irreparably. All the obsessed him.

Often he would lie on the bed and sit her on his hairy belly - and then lay his prick between her legs and have her straddle him while he rubbed her little cunt up and down his hard shaft, until orgasm seized him and he spurted cum violently, pushing as he did so, the head of his prick into the lips of her tiny slit. At such times, he was almost uncontrollable with lust.

It didn't stop there. As time went on his lewd conduct spread in other ways too, becoming ever grosser. It was almost as if he reveled in shocking the infant with his actions. He would take her to the bathroom and let her watch him piss in the toilet or the hand-basin. Other times, he would piss on her cunt while she sat on the toilet to 'help her go wee-wee'. She always giggled as the warm stream drummed against her little belly, and he let it play down between her legs, flooding her tiny cunt-lips. This obscene ritual soon progressed to him getting a large pudding bowl from the kitchen and, sitting her on the floor before him, Dave would then squat over it and actually let her watch as he emptied his bowels into it. 'Look at daddy's steaming hot shit, princess.....' he'd shout, before wanking himself furiously and shooting his cum over her face.

She even got used to this disgusting activity, as one of Daddy's 'special games'. And then, there was always bath-time when she got bathed in more ways than one!

As time went on, it was only natural that Dave would soon find his way to like-minded men in the chat-rooms and newsgroups on the Internet. By now, he had realized that he was - and had always been - a Pedophile. But he was enjoying his new secret life so much; he just had to share his experiences. Through the newsgroups, he soon met kindred spirits and one man in particular - Steve Gavin, a computer programmer who at 36 and slightly older than Dave, was something of a loner and still unmarried - and who desperately wanted to meet Dave's 'little princess' at all costs, having seen snapshots of her that Dave had posted at - and which had subsequently been traded around the world.

Steve Gavin had a flat on a remote estate in a run-down building with few other occupants. It was perfect for pedo fun. He finally persuaded Dave to bring Lisa Jane for 'afternoon parties' - so that he could watch and take pictures. Dave - anxious to have an accomplice and better yet, a safe place at which he could finally fuck his sweet little infant daughter - gladly agreed, and so began the next stage of Lisa Jane's sordid sex education.

Gavin was also intent on filming the proceedings for their own private use and set his bedroom up for the purpose. From the very first visit, things went well.

Dave stripped off immediately and quickly undid his daughter's dress; she was wearing nothing underneath and he put her on the large bed. Steve watched in delight as the handsome, well-built young man pulled his naked baby daughter towards him and started feeling her up, pushing his prick into her face and between her legs and fingering her bottom-hole. Soon, he was pushing his big daddy cock into her mouth and Lisa was greedily sucking him. She knew what was expected of her.

Dave closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure and it was a matter of only a few minutes before he was inviting Steve Gavin not just to watch the debauched scene unfolding before him - but to join in as well. 'C'mon man...we'll both do her' said Dave and with that, Steve stripped and got behind the child, wanking himself as he did so. He was less-well hung than Dave but still huge to a tiny child. As he watched Dave violently cumming in his own little baby's mouth, he wanked himself to a frenzy and shot his creamy jism all over her head, matting the soft curly blonde hair with his man-juice. The two men grinned and gave each other a high 5. 'This is so fuckin' cool, buddy' said Dave.

So little Lisa Jane, just 3 and a half years old, now had the added bonus of two big naked men to play with. She did her very best to please Daddy and his friend. The two men ruthlessly used the small child for their perverted pleasure without any thought for her feelings or the pain they caused her as each week passed.

Both men would put the tiny girl between them as they took it turns rubbing their cocks on her face or putting it in her mouth. Occasionally they would both try to face-fuck the baby girl but unfortunately her mouth was too small for two large pricks at once. It didn't stop there. It was Dave who 'initiated' Steve in the perverted pleasure of using his baby girl as a toilet. Now the child had to suffer the indignity of being pissed on by two horny males. But always at the back of her father's mind was the ultimate thrill - Lisa Jane's first fuck with her Daddy's big Prick.

He had already started to prepare her at home, well-lubing her cunt and using a vibrator at every opportunity. He could easily manage to insert two fingers in her little hole after a while and soon he shared his secret evil desire with Steve Gavin who, excited beyond his wildest fantasies, readily agreed to hold the child in position - using force if necessary - while Dave 'got right up her' as he liked to put it. Steve was promised 'seconds' as a reward.

On the afternoon in question, Lisa Jane was drugged with valium and her cunt was well lubricated with a cream containing Novocain. She was repeatedly fingered and probed by the two men for a good hour with one or other of their cocks pushed in her mouth until finally, unable to control himself any longer, Dave put her on the bed and asked Gavin to spread her little legs well apart, ready for the assault. Dave looked down at his daughter, hardly able to contain his excitement at the depraved act he was about to commit. If anybody had ever told him six months previously that he would one day rape his own sweet baby daughter, he would have been appalled. Yet that was what he was about to do - and he could hardly wait to fuck her and flood her tiny body with his cum.

The groggy toddler lay back and watched as her father - his large cock rigid before him, the big mushroom head almost purple with excitement, and well-smeared with Vaseline - moved up towards her and nudged his big prick right at the entrance to her cunt. The tiny opening was well prepared and slightly open and he had no trouble getting the head of his cock into the lips. 'Fuck - this is soooooo fuckin' HOT' he screamed, before pushing forwards relentlessly into her little virgin cunt.

Lisa Jane quickly came to her senses as the terrible pain coursed through her like a red hot poker. 'Noooooooooo Daddy' she screamed, but this only inflamed her father more; Dave was well past the point of any reason. Onwards he thrust until he heard something give insider her. 'Must be her little cherry' thought her father, reveling in the thrill. Undeterred, he then began to really fuck her, as her poor little cunt became a sore and bloody mess, his big dick squishing in and out. He could see her terrified face as Steve, crazed with lust, held her fast, her head between his legs and his own prick now pushed into her mouth to stop her screams. 'Fuck,'re gonna fuckin' split her open' he shouted. Dave just screamed 'Yeaaaaaaaaah', as he lunged even deeper into the infant.

Dave didn't last long. Soon, he was cumming, violently spurting his seed inside her little body. After five thick spasms, he gave a satisfied grunt, pulled out and without a trace of concern as to her well-being, said to his mate - 'There you are - she's all yours, nice and opened up' as Steve took his place.

The poor little girl was trying to sit up when Gavin rammed his cock - which was only slightly smaller than Dave's, right up into the bruised, bleeding little cunt, and fucked her for a good ten minutes more before finally mixing his sperm with her father's.

By this time, the child had passed out from the agony of her ordeal. She looked a sorry mess. Dave looked down at her - a brief twinge of pity crossed his mind at the sight of his ruined daughter, her little body bruised from the forced rape, her tiny cunt oozing sperm and blood. But his pity didn't last long. He was already looking forward to future fucks, which, he decided would be much easier now he had broken her cherry and opened her up. His prick stiffened at the very thought.

The men cleaned her up as best they could while she slept and then rewound the video of the rape so they could enjoy the whole depraved episode again. Both men sat, masturbating slowly, as they watched the terrible abuse. Dave especially loved the piercing screams Lisa gave, as he deep-fucked her and at the point where he shot his cum into her, he almost had another orgasm to match!

The men then smoked a joint and planned their next session. Lisa's life as a baby-slut had only just begun. To Dave's delight, Steve had a lot of friends who wanted to meet her and Dave could hardly wait to share his little prize with the gang........

"Yeah...we'll have us a big pedo party next Saturday. Really give her a fuckin' good seeing to, Steve. Eight guys and one baby girl. She's got three holes after all...." and the two men convulsed with laughter. Over on the bed, poor Lisa Jane was slowly coming to her senses and began crying bitterly with the terrible pain between her legs. She put her little hand down and felt the mess, saw the blood. Steve Gavin looked at her father and whispered 'I really wanna cum again, Dave - that video made me so fuckin' horny. Do you think she'll suck me off?' 'No problems matey' said Dave who stood and picked his daughter up, lay her on the sofa with her head in his friend's lap and said 'Help yourself, mate...' Almost numb with pain, Lisa Jane felt Steve Gavin's thick penis push in to her mouth and slowly, she began to suck........

- END -